Legendary singer Miriam Makeba’s biopic in development

The story of legendary singer Miriam Makeba is heading to the big screen.

The fictionalized feature film is the brain child of Suzanne de Passe and longtime business partner, Madison Jones, in partnership with the Miriam Makeba Estate, Miriam Makeba Foundation and Mama Africa Cultural & Social Trust.

The film will document the singer’s journey as a touring musician and civil rights activist.

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Makeba died of a heart attack on November the 9th, 2008 after performing at a concert in Italy organised to support writer Roberto Saviano in his stand against the Camorra, a mafia-like organisation local to the region of Campania.

Broadway producer Willette Klausner, music producer David Franco and journalist Marc Le Chat, Makeba’s long-time publicist and confidant will also produce the film.

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